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Bristol Garden Offices: Work With Style

There are many valuable benefits to having a garden office installed on your property. These range from having a relaxing environment and a space to think clearly, to avoiding the costs of commuting and keeping your work and home life separate.

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September 12, 2023


More and more people in Bristol are adopting the work-from-home or hybrid working life. With this lifestyle becoming a common reality for many, having a dedicated space on your property to hone your focus for work is essential. But who’s to say this space must be in your house? Distractions in the home are one of the challenges remote workers all have to face. 

So what about moving your workspace into the peaceful surroundings of your Bristol garden office? Having a garden office installed on your property will allow you to reap the maximum benefits of home working life and provide an additional space for you to focus. 

The benefits of working in nature

When you’re surrounded by nature, you satisfy an intrinsic human need. The concept of biophilia has been more deeply explored by interior designers, with more of them incorporating plants into their designs. Biophilia is the concept that humans have a fundamental tie to nature, which is why the likes of plants, water, and sand help us feel a lot calmer. That’s why there are so many benefits to having a garden office. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits in more detail. 

Enjoy a more relaxed environment

It goes without saying that a garden office will provide you with a calm and tranquil space for you to get your work done. Instead of the sounds that come from the household, like the dishes being washed, children or pets running around or general activities, you will have a space exposed only to sounds of nature. Enjoy the wind rustling through the trees and the sound of birds singing as you relax in your oasis of productivity. 

Clear thinking space

When you have an office space that is completely separate from your house, it offers you the opportunity to think clearly without distraction. Having a dedicated space with the sole purpose of getting a day’s work done will also allow you to focus better and reduce the likelihood of being interrupted by those in the main house. Who knows? You may even get inspired by the stunning natural scenes that surround your Bristol garden office. 

Boosted productivity

With the element of tranquillity and calmness that comes with having a garden office, combined with a dedicated space for you to focus on your work, you are bound to boost your production levels. It’s widely known that having short breaks away from the screen can help to boost overall productivity. When you have a space where you can look out a window or take a short five-minute walk outside, you’re onto a winner. Taking breaks in nature can also help to destress you, which will ultimately help to boost your productivity, too. 

No commuting required 

One of the best things about having a dedicated workspace on your property is the fact that you do not have to commute into an office. This helps you to use the time you have in your day more for the things you enjoy and less for sitting in a car or on a train. The only commuting you have to do is take a stroll to the bottom of your garden to your dedicated workspace and stop and smell the roses along the way. 

Keeping work and home life separate

Although the pandemic makes this a challenge, the psychological benefits of keeping your home and work life separate is something that should be taken seriously. This not only helps you focus on work and leave your stresses of the day in a separate space but also allows you to enjoy your home time when you have it. Plus, when you come back to your main house after a long day, you get to enjoy your home as somewhere to unwind. 

Even if you work in a hybrid role, meaning you spend a few days of the week in the office. The rest at home, allowing your home working life to remain separate from your domestic home life will help to improve your mental health and ensure that you get to spend quality time with the family when you’re in the home. Having a garden office can help to ensure that you keep your domestic life separate from your work life, which will help you to relax when the working day is done. 

Transforming your garden space into an office

BGR Designs have over 20 years of experience in the design and construction sector. One of the projects we specialise in is garden studio design. These studios are perfect for transforming your garden into a space where you can work. Our studios are made out of sustainable materials so that they blend into your garden setting with ease, not standing out as an eyesore and ruining your garden’s natural landscape. Our design team can also help with the interiors of your Bristol garden office, assisting you in making it into a place for ultimate productivity. 

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