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How Much Value Does An Extension Add To Your Home?

After some time, you may be bored with how your home looks and want to change things up a little bit. One of the ways you can do this is by adding an extension to your property. Not only does it offer up more spaces and opportunities, but there is also a good chance it’ll add value when you want to sell.

How much value does an extension add to your home, and will the benefits outweigh the costs? These are questions we will answer below to help you decide whether adding an extension to your property is the right thing for you.

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October 21, 2023


How much does an extension add value?

There’s no denying that an extension adds value to your home if done properly, but how much value does it actually add? Well, the answer to this question isn’t black or white. Several factors, including the size and quality, can affect the value of your new extension.

You may also need to consider the location of your property. If it’s in a more undesirable neighbourhood and your house is the only one with a beautiful extension, not as many people may be interested in buying in the future. You need to consider potential buyers’ needs and preferences to determine the value of an extension.

Therefore, there is no exact figure we can give you, but if it’s in a desirable area and well-designed by experts like those at BGR Designs, then you can almost definitely expect added value to your home.

Watch this video to see the behind the scenes of our construction process on a second storey extension:

The benefits of a house extension

So, why does a home extension add value? This is because they come with a wide range of benefits:

Provides more space

The biggest advantage of adding an extension to your home is it offers more space. Not only can you live more comfortably and have a larger area to add things like a craft room or home office, but you can also use the new addition for storage if you feel like your belongings are getting on top of you.

An extension provides more opportunities to add cupboards, closets, and shelves, where you can store away items that don’t fit anywhere else. This is great because you can still use the extension for other uses while putting away the clutter.

More natural light in the home

This is a benefit that many people don’t consider when they add an extension to their property. While the amount of windows you add is up to you and your designer, they almost always come with windows. And if you want more natural light in your home, you can increase the number of windows that come with your extension.

Not only can you see around the house better, but more light ultimately makes a space appear larger as well. All you need to do is ensure the windows don’t invade your neighbour’s privacy, and you can reap the health benefits that come with more natural light.

Interior design opportunities

You can make a house a home by the way you design and customise it, and an extension gives you more opportunities to do this. If you feel like you’ve done all you can with the standard rooms in your home, a home extension will help spark up some excitement and get the creative juices flowing.

It’s up to the homeowner what goes inside a new extension so that you can choose everything from the fittings to the colour of the walls. This allows you to make it your own and help you feel even more comfortable in your living space.

Higher levels of privacy

If you feel like your neighbours are peeping on you a bit too much in your current home, then an extension might be able to offer some enhanced privacy. This is because you can choose exactly where it’s placed and where the windows are located.

An extension that is added to the end of a home can distort the view of those who can usually look in through your windows. You may also be able to add tinted windows or tactically place your new furniture to give you the privacy you deserve.

Reduced noise levels

When you have a house on a busy road, it can seem impossible to ever get any peace and quiet. And sometimes, insulating the entire house isn’t an option. Therefore, if you wish to reduce noise levels while also increasing the space in your property, an extension can be a great idea.

Even if you don’t opt for added insulation on your extension, you can build it in an area of your home that doesn’t hear much of the outside world. This then makes it the perfect place for a home office or yoga studio.

What types of extensions add value?

There are so many different types of extensions you can add to your home, and they all come with their own benefits. But which ones are going to add the most value? Here are a few examples:

  • A wrap around

  • Turning a single-storey into a double

  • A loft conversion

  • Rear extension on the bottom floor

  • Basement

  • Conservatory

  • Converting a garage into a room

  • Turning the front garden into parking

Things to consider to add value with an extension

Before you get started adding an extension to your property, there are a few things you may want to consider first:

  • Find out whether you need permission planning for the extension

  • Partner up with a quality design specialist and contractor

  • Research the most popular and desired extensions in your area

  • Only use the highest quality materials

  • Ensure the extension has a proper purpose


Many people are adding extensions to their homes nowadays, especially if they have the space for it. This makes it an incredibly desirable add-on for prospective buyers. People always think ‘the bigger, the better’, and home extensions fit this expression quite well.

If you want to add an additional bedroom or garage conversion, or maybe you need some extension ideas, then BGR Designs is here to help. We are specialists in extensions and can help put together the ultimate plan to recreate the entire aesthetic of your home. All you need to do is get in touch with us today to start a consultation.

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