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We specialise in everything from interior design to garden landscaping, offering customised designs for homes and gardens alike.


Working with top-class architects and contractors, BGR offers construction services, including timber-frame design, home extensions, and garden transformations.

Timber Framing Design Bristol

BGR’s timber frame home design services in Bristol add an eco element of chic to any house. As one of the more sustainable materials out there, timber is growing in popularity.

Whether you’re after exposed beams or timber cladding, BGR can help you in your timber frame design process.

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what we do

Timber frame design involves working with wood to frame your home in a chic and stylish manner. 

Wood provides a light and airy feel to the space and is great for those passionate about the modern eco look. 

BGR’s Bristol-based team of timber frame home design experts are up for the challenge of transforming your home into an eco oasis.

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How we do it

Our process

Timber frame home design is a popular design trend across the UK. If you’re a fan of wooden cladding on the ceiling or want to add more natural materials into your home, BGR can help.

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Design Consultation

During this stage of the design process, we will sit down with you to get an idea of what you have in mind for your timber framing project and advise on how best to make your ideas a reality.

Concept Design

Upon further design work and some research into practical solutions, we will show you a preliminary design of the timber frame project and take on board any suggestion s you may have.

Design Presentation

We will present our final design to you using virtual technology so that you’ll be bale to get a visual idea of what the final timber framing project will look like.

Project Completion

Our in-house build team and designers will work with suppliers, contractors and builders to make sure the project runs smoothly and on time, keeping our finger on the pulse throughout the process.


Architectural services

BGR’s professional yet personable approach to garden room design means that your ideas and creativity get paired with expert advice and practical solutions to ensure your dream garden room becomes a reality. As a team of design enthusiasts and experts in our field, we provide services that deliver the highest standards of garden room design every time. 

So what exactly is timber framing home design? One of the most popular eco-design trends recently hit the scene is the exposed beam and wooden cladding. These are both examples of timber framing for homes. Timber frames are also ideal for double-story home extensions or extensions around the home’s perimeter, forming the structure for the walls to fit around. 

Our timber framing design services include a site survey during the initial consultation. This step is necessary to draw up beautiful and practical designs. Our consultants will look at the site overall and look at aspects such as available space, the ground on which the extension is going, and the home’s original structure for cladding projects. It allows our designers to gauge your requirements for the timber frame project, your budget, and any specific needs you have. 

Once we have all the information we need, we consult with our architects and engineers to gain valuable insights into the different kinds of materials to use and the necessary foundations to put in place. Based on these, we can provide you with a concept design, which is the first glimpse into the future of your finished project.

For cladding projects and decorative framing, the consultation phase gives us insights into your style and what you envision for your timber-framed home. This allows our designers to collaborate with you so that we can bring your vision to light and ensure the final product is everything you wanted and more. Whether you lean more towards the quirky side or have a flair for the chic – we want to know about it. 

If you are looking for timber frame home designers in Bristol, contact BGR Designs today. We’d be happy to hear how we can help you with your timber frame home project.


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Each project is developed individually, based on the needs of each client. We are ready to take on any project, be it small or complex.


Frequently asked questions

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What are the advantages of timber frame construction for a home?

Timber frames are highly desirable in modern home construction today as they provide excellent insulation. Timber is also highly sustainable, making it an ideal structural solution for modern eco-housing.

Are timber frame homes more expensive than other construction methods?

Other construction methods will have less up-front cost than timber frames. However, timber frames will save you money in the long term. Using timber frames in home construction improves your home’s energy efficiency because of their excellent insulation. You, therefore, end up saving significantly on your energy bills.

Are timber frames good for the environment?

Timber is a popular construction material because it is considered a renewable resource. With more of a drive towards sustainability in construction, the material is being used more and more frequently.

How long does a timber frame home project take to complete?

The timeline of a timber frame home project depends on the design’s complexity and the property’s size where the frame is to be installed. Larger properties usually tend to have longer lead times than smaller ones. More complex designs also usually take longer to complete than simpler ones.

Are timber frame homes suitable for all weather conditions?

Although some people may be concerned that timber frames are unsuitable for wetter climates, this is a misconception. Timber is a highly durable material and can be used in most environments despite the weather.


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