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We specialise in everything from interior design to garden landscaping, offering customised designs for homes and gardens alike.


Working with top-class architects and contractors, BGR offers construction services, including timber-frame design, home extensions, and garden transformations.

Bespoke Bristol Home Renovation

Sometimes we need a change, and that change can come in the form of a home renovation. It helps bring comfort and beauty into your life, and with the right people at your side, you can make your vision a reality in a matter of no time.

At BGR Designs, we offer bespoke home renovations in Bristol that will transform how you live.

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What we do

Interior design is coordinating and planning colour schemes, furnishing, and functionality in your home, honing in on your style to create a space you can be proud of.

When you want to update your property and need a little help and guidance, BGR Designs are here to help. We offer a full home renovation package, talking you through the best options for you and offering home renovation Bristol that are completed at a high standard.

From upgrading a singular room like your kitchen to improving your entire house’s structure, we have the know-how and tools to get the job done. No matter your vision and budget, we work alongside you to ensure you have a gleaming smile on your face once you see the final result.



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How we do it

Our process

The team at BGR works through a seamless process to provide you with the home refurbishment you’ve always wanted. All you need to do is contact one of our design experts, and we will talk you through our renovation services.

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Design consultation

Before we do anything, we need to learn what you want from your Bristol home renovation project. You’ll sit down with one of our experts so we can learn your vision and the result you’re looking for. We will also discuss budgets and find the best solution that fits your needs.

Concept design

Once we’ve all agreed on what you want from your home refurbishment, we’ll put together an initial design of how it will look. We use the latest technology to provide you with a 3D design that will help you envision what it’ll be like stepping into your new property once it is finished.

Design presentation

If you have any tweaks from the concept design, we will make them. After that, we will have put together the final design that will act as the blueprint for the entire home renovation. That’s when the exciting part happens, and we can get started!

Project completion

From loft conversions to bedroom add-ons, we will have the best people go to work to ensure you get the intended result. Our in-house team will keep you in the loop throughout the project until your home is ready to enjoy.


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Benefits of home renovation

Not only will the outcome of your home refurbishment mean your property looks more amazing than ever, but there are various other benefits you can experience from the project:

Increased property value

Renovations, especially those that improve the aesthetics and functionality of your home, can boost its market value. This can be beneficial when you decide to sell the property or use it as collateral for loans.

Enhanced comfort

Upgrading heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, insulation, and windows can improve energy efficiency and regulate indoor temperature, making your home more comfortable year-round.


Renovations allow you to customise your living spaces to match your preferences, lifestyle, and changing needs. Personal touches make the home more inviting and reflective of your personality.

Improved functionality

Renovations can optimise space utilisation, create open-concept layouts, and add storage solutions, making daily living more convenient and efficient.

Energy efficiency

Upgrading appliances, windows, doors, and insulation can reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower utility bills and a smaller environmental footprint


Other projects

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All of our projects are crafted with your vision in mind, producing an individualised result. Check out some of the other home renovations we have completed to a high standard and what we can do for you.


Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question?

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How much does a home renovation cost?

The cost of a home renovation in Bristol varies depending on the scope of the project, size of the property, materials used, and location. It is best to get a quote from a building contractor from BGR during consultation for a more accurate estimate.

What are some popular home refurbishment ideas?

Popular renovation ideas include kitchen remodelling, bathroom upgrades, basement finishing, room additions, and energy-efficient upgrades like installing solar panels.

Can I stay in my home during the renovation?

It depends on the extent of the renovation. Some projects may require you to temporarily move out, while others may allow you to stay with proper planning and safety measures.

Can I make changes to the renovation plan after the project has started?

Minor changes may be possible, but major alterations may lead to delays and additional costs. It’s essential to communicate any desired changes with the contractor early on.

Should I consider energy-efficient upgrades during the renovation?

Energy-efficient upgrades not only reduce utility bills but also contribute to a greener environment. Consider options like energy-efficient windows, LED lighting, and improved insulation.


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