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We specialise in everything from interior design to garden landscaping, offering customised designs for homes and gardens alike.


Working with top-class architects and contractors, BGR offers construction services, including timber-frame design, home extensions, and garden transformations.

Bristol Loft Conversion Specialists

At BGR Designs, we specialise in providing loft conversion services for Bristol homes. A loft is a great place to convert for other purposes like bedrooms or studies. 

If you need a loft conversion in Bristol, BGR can help you, from developing a concept all the way through to the final build.

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What we do

Loft conversions are popular in homes that have smaller spaces and want to optimise most of the available room in the at the top of the house.

Not all homes are suitable for loft conversions, but with a team of professionals on your side, we can start the planning process and assess the best action plan.

We work with you to create the loft conversion of your dreams and carefully consider your vision when implementing practical solutions for the final project.



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How we do it

Our Bristol loft conversion process

Each loft conversion has something unique about it. Your style and design ideas are unique to you, and your Bristol loft conversion is no different. We include you in the entire process to ensure you get the Bristol loft conversion that you desire.

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Design Consultation

The initial step in our process is our design consultation which is an initial meeting where our loft conversion specialists meet with you to discuss our initial ideas and scope out the project before going back to the drawing board to present our practical solutions to you.

Concept Design

After taking your design idea on board and putting our heads together to come up with viable solutions, we create an initial design that we show to you for your approval, giving you the opportunity to tweak anything you may want to, and make suggestions along the way.

Design Presentation

Having taken your notes on board, we present to you a virtual design of what the final project will look like. State-of-the-art technology gives you an initial visual representation of what you can expect from your final loft conversion.

Project Completion

We work tirelessly with contractors and suppliers to ensure that the project goes as smoothly as possible. BGR has excellent relationships with suppliers and contractors in the areas so that we can assure reliability and professionalism from beginning to end.


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Why choose us for loft conversion in Bristol?

When it comes to loft conversion, you need a team of experts you can rely on to make your dream concepts come true. A loft conversion may need planning permission or to follow certain legal procedures set out by the local building authorities. 

Planning permission can be a challenge to obtain on your own, especially with all the paperwork that goes with it. When you hire BGR, we have a team of professionals who can give you advice and guidance on obtaining the correct planning permission for your loft conversion project. We also help you to assess the extent of the planning permission you need to complete your loft conversion successfully. 

With all the legal stuff out of the way, we get to move on to the fun stuff – the design. Designing and building loft conversions are some of BGR’s speciality services. If you have a space in your roof that you think can be converted into a more functional space, our team of loft conversion design experts is on hand to help with everything from design concepts to overall project management. 

A loft conversion is a fantastic solution for anyone who wants to extend the space in their homes and has enough room to do so in their loft or attic. Lofts make great spaces for spare bedrooms, studies, or a playroom for family homes. 

Our team works with you to ensure we meet all your loft conversion design requirements and to establish a full project scope to ensure that your loft conversion project is completed to meet your timelines and budget. If you have any queries about possible loft conversions or need design advice, get in touch with our team at BGR Designs today.


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Frequently asked questions

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How long does a typical loft conversion project take?

Loft conversions vary in how long they can take. The length of a loft conversion project depends on the size of the home and the detail of the overall project. The bigger the project, the longer the overall loft conversion will take. However, for projects requiring less attention, project timelines will be shorter.

Are there any building regulations that I need to consider for a loft conversion?

Before you start with your loft conversion, you may need to consider some of the building regulations that your local authorities have set out. BGR Designs can help you determine which regulations apply to your project and what relevant planning permissions to obtain. Our team of experts have a great understanding of the regulations surrounding loft conversions and can help you.

What is a loft conversion, and how can it benefit my home?

A loft conversion creates a living area in a space that is otherwise unused. These are usually attics or spaces on the roof, which means you can extend the functional living space in your home upward. This has the potential to increase your property value and creates more space in your home.

Do I need planning permission for my loft conversion?

Planning permission for your loft conversion depends on the extent of the conversion and also on the rules laid out by the local authorities. BGR Designs can help you to establish whether or not you need to get planning permission or if you can simply proceed without it.

How do I choose the right loft conversion service?

When you choose the company to do your loft conversion with, you have to ensure that the company will conduct a thorough site assessment and be there to assist you with legal, design, and construction advice. BGR Designs provide you with the right services to get your Bristol loft conversion completed without a hitch.


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